Gift Gather, Give the Gift of Travel

If you’re someone who loves to travel, you know there’s no better gift than that of a trip. That’s one of the reasons Cynthia Kellogg created Gift Gather; a company that brings friends and families together and helps them collaborate to to help you save for that big trip.

Gift Gather is focused around life's celebrations with gift giving traditions like weddings, birthdays and babies. You can create a registry for yourself, or for someone else, and have your family and friends contribute to the recipients goal.

Signing up is as easy as unwrapping a present. Each registry gets a gift page you can customize with text and video. So what's the catch? There isn't one. Gift Gather is free.

The truly unique thing about Gift Gather is that it’s more genuine than simply giving cash. It allows the giver to see how their gift contributes to something meaningful. Gift Gather is really about giving life experiences and contributing to life’s milestones.

Whether you’re saving for a gap year backpacking trip, spring break adventure, or honeymoon, Gift Gather helps ensure you receive the gift that is most meaningful for you.

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