My trip to Haiti was a new kind of travel for me. It was the first time I traveled not for myself, but for others. After my 5-month backpacking trip, I wanted to travel for a greater cause. I spent the past week volunteering with a non-profit, faith-based organization called Healing Haiti in Port-au-Prince. It is entirely too soon for me to even think about processing all that I saw and did the past seven days, but I'm confident a person does not travel to Haiti and leave the same person.

In brief, the week was spent volunteering with an amazing team of people. We delivered water into Cite Soleil, one of the poorest and most dangerous slums in the world. We spent a few afternoons with the infants and toddlers at the Home for the Sick and Dying Children, which was a heartbreaking experience. We laughed a lot, sang a lot, hugged a lot, and there was even some salsa dancing. Port-au-Prince is a heartbreaking city filled with so much joy. I'm confident that the people I connected with while in Haiti have had a far more profound impact on my life than I could have ever had on their lives.

If you have any questions about what I did in Haiti or my experiences there, feel free to comment below or send me a private e-mail at hello@doubletakesblog.com and I'd be happy to chat.