Hejorama, the online travel magazine and social media platform, lets travelers hijack their Instagram account for a week and share their adventures through five photos. The Hejograms have taken viewers from Burning Man to Australia and a number of destinations in between. I'm proud to have been a part of this great project this past summer while in India.

Even when alone, travel is rarely an exercise in solidarity. I love that the Hejogram Project and Hejorama as a whole are a creative extension of the collaborative nature of travel. On the road you share hostel dorm rooms and great conversations with seat mates on long haul bus rides. Over at Hejorama, travelers are sharing photo projects and stories.

I ever-enthusiastically get to write for Hejorama's Monday column The Monday Map. This week I wrote about some of the prettiest maps I've ever set eyes on.

If you're interested in contributing your own Hejograms, here is how.