Greetings from (back in) Thailand. My three weeks in Myanmar were amazing, challenging, rewarding, and then some. Words, and even pictures, do not begin to do the country and my time there justice. I rode a bike in 120 degree heat past 4,400 (yes, literally) temples. I attended a Burmese wedding in Mandalay and arrived at it in a trishaw. I rode in the back of a pick-up truck with 45 Burmese pilgrims to the sacred golden rock teetering on the side of a mountain. Myanmar has some amazing, enchanting and jaw-dropping sights, but the most memorable part of the my time there were the people. They are warm, inviting and so incredibly welcoming. Thailand is feeling a bit like a vacation from my travels after Myanmar. I'll be island hopping for the next week or so and trying not to melt my tongue off on the deliciously spicy menu this country has to offer.