Greetings from Laos. Being perfectly honest, I crossed the border without knowing a whole lot about this country, geographically or culturally speaking. But, sometimes I think that can be a perfect ingredient for falling in love with a place. No expectations or preconceived notions, just surprise and awe. Here in Luang Prabang, that's just what has been happening. I arrived in the city as the 3-day Laos New Year (Pi Mai Lao) celebration was beginning. One of the many ways Laotians celebrate their new year is by hosting citywide water fights, with some flour and paint thrown in (literally) for extra fun. To be in the city of Luang Prabang during Pi Mai Lao is to participate fully...and that means getting very, very wet and bombed with flour (click here to see what I looked like by mid-afternoon on the first day of Pi Mai Loa). Hope life is grand in your neck of the world.