New York City Hotel Breaths Life into an Old Paper Factory

Paper Factory Hotel is trendy little accommodation that has taken up residence in an old paper factory in New York City. "We took a building with a meaningful legacy as a once thriving paper factory, and turned it into the most inspiring hotel in New York City. We have preserved its intricate machines and interspersed them in our space, keeping alive the roots of our hotel and the stories it brings with it," says the hotel's website. A stay at the Paper Factory offers all the modern amenities you could want (wifi) matched with curated objects and an ambiance that remains true the building's history. 


Austin Looking Cooler Than Ever in This Short Video

Austin is looking cooler than ever in this short video Start Fresh: Never Give Up by Andrew Takano. The video features selected street art from the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, shot around the city in 2013.
"The HOPE Outdoor Gallery has truly become a unique treasure of the Austin art scene. What was once an ill fated attempt at building luxury condominiums has been transformed into a playground for serious artists and irreverent taggers alike. The view of downtown Austin from atop Castle Hill (informal name for the HOPE OG) is picturesque, second to no other ground level location in town," says Takano on Vimeo. 
You can see a list of the artists featured in the video in the summary section of Takano's Vimeo page.


Land Rover Topographic Calendar

Don't even care that it's July and we're more than halfway through the year. I'm swooning over this topographic calendar by Zeynep Orbay for Land Rover.
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4 Travel Must-Haves From the New DODOCase Collection

You might remember DODOcase for their original book-bound iPad case. Since launching in 2010, the San Francisco-based company has grown to offer a versatile line of handcrafted goods that match traditional leatherwear with today's technology.

A true traveler can appreciate the symbolism of a leather suitcase, and DODOcase's new LeatherCraft Collection takes this nostalgia of a bygone era of travel and pairs in perfectly with goods for today’s technology and design-savvy explorers. The collection features four new accessories, all made from American tanned Logger's Leather and each a must-have in any traveler’s repertoire: two luggage tags, a notebook cover and a passport case. Each item also has the option to be monogrammed.

The luggage tag come in two varieties, and the only issue is having to choose just one. The solid leather version comes with a brass carabiner clip and the option to deboss your name and phone number on the top side. The other tag includes a pocket and clear window for displaying a business card or other personal identification.

The leather notebook cover fits a standard softcover Strathmore Notes or Moleskine journal, the quintessential way to preserve travel memories and anecdotes from your adventures. The cover's dark exterior contrasts perfectly with the vegetable-tanned leather interior. 

Finally, the passport case is as practical as it is pretty. It snaps closed for safekeeping, and includes two interior pockets for holding various cards, as well as a convenient pen holder. 

You can view all these items and more on the DODOcase website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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Travel from Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 Seconds

The fastest way to travel the more than 5,100 miles between Tokyo and San Francisco is this video by YouTube user psp747. His hyperlapse video takes you between the two cities in just 83 seconds.

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