Hand Drawn Illustrations Feature a Different City for Every Letter of the Alphabet

Japanese artist Hugo Yoshikawa tackles an impressive feat in his City ABC series. His hand drawn illustrations feature a different city for every letter of the alphabet. Each letter is comprised of famous monuments from each given city. You can view the entire City ABC series on Yoshikawa's website.


What Travel Means, According to The Perennial Plate

I'm endlessly impressed with the travel videos from The Perennial Plate, and their work is no stranger to this blog. In one of their recent videos titled Travel Is, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine document 12 countries and 14 months-worth of travel. The video answers what it means to travel and was filmed for Intrepid Travel's 25th anniversary.

Check out more The Perennial Plate on Double Takes.


Travel-Themed Typographic Illustrations

Argentina-based artists Yani Arabena and Guille Vizzar show off their calligraphy skills in Trip Book, s travel-themed series of typographic illustrations. You can view the whole series on Behance.


Kidsmap Project Aims to Make Maps Awesome and Interactive

Remember the bucketlist map? Simon Schuetz is out to create another awesome map and this time he's doing it for the kids. Kidsmap aims to create a simpler version of the tradition educational map, while making it interactive and engagement-focused. The project is currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign.


Photographer Captures the Faces of the Holy Men of Varanasi

Looking back on my travels around the county, there was no city that felt more like what I envisioned of India than Varanasi. From the Ganges and it's bustling banks to its narrow alleyways congested with cows and the many Hindu holy men who come to the city on pilgrimage.

Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L. captures the many Sadhus and religious students of the city in his portrait series the Holy Men of Varanasi.

Alternatively, you can watch filmmaker Cale Glendening's short documentary called Beyond, which follows Joey in India as he shoots his Holy Men series.