The San Juans, A Surreal Glimpse of Colorado in the Fall

Videography Craig Grant shot this surreal video of the San Juan mountain range of the Colorado Rockies. The San Juans. Proven Here was shot in late fall for Yeti Cycles and has me almost not dreading the end of summer.


Airport Prints Capture Terminals and Runways Around the World

These Airport Prints from 08 Left capture the complexity and sheer impressiveness of airport terminals and runways around the world. They also remind me of these awesome Airport Runway screen prints by NOMO.

Via Design Crush


Enter Pyongyang and See North Korea Like Never Before

Flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth and place-branding pioneer JT Singh are no strangers to Double Takes. Their latest collaboration takes us on a tour of North Korea's Pyongyang through time-lapse photography, animation, slow motion and a variety of other creative techniques.

"Enter Pyongyang is above all an invitation to explore," says Dr. Parag Khannaon on the video's Vimeo page. "Few places in the world have been as hermetically sealed as North Korea, but Koryo Tours has made it possible not just to see North Korea but to engage with it in ways that were impossible until very recently. This is a window of opportunity not to be missed. If Pyongyang is no longer off limits, no place is."

Be sure to check out Whitworth and Singh's other videos:
This is Shanghai


"Foodnited States of America" Series Creates States and Puns Out of Various Food

Foodnited States Of America just might be the greatest Instagram series ever. Chris Durso, of the blog Foodiggity, with help from his 8-year-old son, orchestrates this "pun-fueled series of US states made from food." You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook.


In Havana, a Short Video that is Almost as Good as Actually Being There

Cuba remains much of a mystery to many American travelers. Ezaram Vambe's In Havana will certainly pique your interest in the county if you haven't had the pleasure of visiting yet. This short video is almost as good as actually being there.