Photographer Captures His Morning Views While Traveling Tajikistan

Morning Views from the Tent is a photography series that's just what it sounds like. Russian photographer Oleg Grigoryev captures the view from where he slept while traveling through Tajikistan.

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A Love Letter to the Natural Habitats of Malaysia

Narrated with excerpts from Joseph Conrad 's Heart of Darkness, We are Wanderers on a Prehistoric Earth is a love letter to the natural habitats of Malaysia. Director James W. Griffiths was one of 10 filmmakers invited to capture Malaysia. This video was his creation for the Malaysia, My Journey project.


Boston Layer-Lapse Video Presents a New View of Boston

This is a whole new timelapse technique and, as a result, a whole new view of Boston. Known as a layer-lapse, this video by photographer Julian is mind-blowing. You can read more about layer lapse and this video on Gizmodo.


Photographer Captures Radiant Purple Salt Ponds of San Franciscos

In one of my recent articles for Conde Nast Traveler, I wrote about the most colorful bodies of water around the world. One of the items that made my list was the incredible salt ponds at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Here, they're captured by photographer Julieanne Kost. These evaporation ponds can take on an array of colors depending on their salinity and what microorganisms are living in them. Kost caught them in radiant purple and the photos are absolutely stunning.

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